LA County - Pasadena (Open 24 Hours)

Thank you for purchasing your course with us! We have created your online account to begin your training.

Step 1: Complete the Online Portion of the Course

  1. Use a computer with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari web browser (do not use Internet Explorer)
  2. Click this link to access your student account:
  3. Log in with the credentials below: 
    • Username: your email address
    • Password: student
  4. Click on the class you'd like to start with.
  5. A pop up with the online portion of the training will appear for you to complete.
  6. You can start and stop as much as needed, click Save and Exit in the module.

The online portion of the course must be completed prior to attending the skills. 

Step 2: Watch this video to prepare

  • Watching this video will help you pass and save you time!



Step 3: Attend skills testing at our Pasadena facility - 215 N. Marengo Ave, Suite 354, Pasadena CA 91101

  • Please show up at your reserved time. (If your time is outside of 9am-5pm, please see the bottom of the page for access instructions!)
  • Please park in parking space #34. If that space is taken, park in a visitor space. Parking is FREE.
  • Go through the entryway double doors, and take the elevator to the 3rd floor.
    • If your class is outside normal business hours, the guard will let you in. Tell him you are here for CPR class. If the guard is not by the front door, from 5pm to midnight, call 626-584-0914 and from Midnight to 8am call 323-861-6834. 
    • If your class is after midnight and before 6am, call 323-861-6834 when you get to the gate and the guard will open it to let you in. 
  • Once you get to the 3rd floor, turn right from the elevators.
  • Go through the door that says "Security Door"  (It's ok, you can just go through it!)
  • Make your first left.
  • Our office will be the 2nd door on the right. There is a sign that says SureFire CPR to the left of the door.
  • The door will be unlocked. 

Parking Map

Suite Access Map

Step 4: Complete your skills testing

  1. Once in the room, login to the computer using the same credentials listed above to activate your skills session.
  2. Perform the skills using the live feedback manikin.  Any necessary adjustments will be prompted by the manikin in real time.  
  3. There will not be an instructor present for the skills assessment (but you can call us anytime during your skills testing if you have any questions.)
  4. Your certification card will be available instantly and you can email it right from our computer.

You will be tested on the following skills:

  • Adult Compressions
  • Adult Rescue Breathing with Bag Mask Device
  • 2 Rescuer Adult CPR - Compressions and Breaths
  • Infant Compressions
  • Infant Rescue Breathing with Bag Mask Device
  • 2 Rescuer Infant CPR - Compressions and Breaths

Step 5: Get your certification card!

  1. Your certification card will be available instantly after completing your skills and you can email it right from our computer.
  2. After emailing your card, please log out of your account.

Extra Details: 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t pass the skill on the first try, it usually takes a few tries to pass each skill.  This allows the necessary practice to master each skill. Don’t worry, you can try as many times as needed until you pass!

Performing CPR Can Be Physically Exhausting

By registering for a class, you understand that performing chest compressions on the manikin can hurt your hands, wrists, arms, or body. If you have any preexisting conditions with your wrists (pain, carpal tunnel, weakness, or injury), we suggest you wait until you are feeling better. For those who are not able to physically pass, we offer an alternative called the BLS Advisor certification card.

If you have any questions or need to reschedule, please call our office at 888-277-3143!

Thank you!